Adult pair of Boelen’s pythons (Morelia boeleni)


SPOTLIGHT: Rappers x Pre-16th Century Art

Meet your new favorite Tumblr! B4XVI is gathering a collection of comparisons between pre-16th century art and famous rappers.

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Me in 50 years probably #humansofnewyork #stillworkinit





im laughing the option is literally just ‘boob’


you know what

I loved unicorns when I was eleven/twelve years old and then I learned that it was real soft and nerdy to love unicorns so I checked out of the whole unicorn-liking mindset because I felt a need to be hardening myself and copping a dark-stuff-only stance

then when I was 19 my girlfriend gave me a coffee cup with a unicorn on it and on receiving it I discovered that I had internalized some bullshit anti-unicorn stance and it made me sad

to those unicorns who didn’t get liked by me during my bullshit years: my bad, do you like carrots, I will leave a plate of carrots out by the back door, I also have oats

i can’t believe i saved over my coc file rest in f*cking pieces